Get behind SATSA’s Free To Be
South Africa marketing campaign

Free To Be is a B2B destination awareness campaign, launched by SATSA, that aligns trade behind one message – South Africa as a place where you are free to be – and leverages their comms platforms to reach a B2C audience locally and internationally.

The Campaign Comprises Four Key Tactics

Trade partners can leverage any or all of the tactics at no cost.

How can you get involved

  1. Complete our survey to say how you’d like to get involved
  2. Download our campaign flyer and send to contacts who market destination SA
  3. Nominate someone within your organisation to be the campaign point-person. Email
  4. Share any digital assets you have copyright over that speak to “Free To Be”
  5. Use the Trade Toolkit and hashtag #FreeToBeSouthAfrica on your social media platforms
  6. Find ways to link your destination, experience and product to the campaign hook: Free To Be South Africa

Share your images with the campaign

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South Africa is a place where you’re free to be. We have one of the world’s most progressive constitutions allowing you to love who you want to, be who you want to. In addition, we have a culture of openness, warmth and acceptance; our destination is a treasure trove of open-air, outdoor and adventure experiences; and we’re fun-loving and welcoming. Here you can truly feel ‘free to be’ …